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The party wanders for days in the desert looking for the lost temple of a forgotten god king. A series of underground caves conceals the trapped lair of an ancient liche. The world of chronicle is made up of two rings of interchangeable location tiles. The rings are framed by a border that is used for tracking hit points, chapter, and other character traits that change through the corse of the game.


The dim light filtering through the forest's canopy hides unknown dangers. All location tiles have a type, and many have complications and movement restrictions. The type of terrain indicated on the tile (forest, hills, mountains, etc.) will often give an advantage to a certain type of character race or monster type. Some tiles will have one or more rectangular complication card symbols on them. Complications make villains harder to defeat, and characters may do well to avoid them in earlier chapters of the game.

The endless expanse of muck and filth seemed to expand infinitely around them as they accepted the fact that they were lost. Many tiles affect movement and some tiles are as difficult to move out of as the terrain they depict. Numbers in the lower corner of a tile indicates the minimum rolls on a discarded movement die needed to leave the tile. Numbers in the upper corners of a tile indicate the minimum number needed to move up into the inner ring of the board.

A magician sits scheming high atop his tower. A sinister power sleeps restlessly under it's cairn. The public room of the inn is filled with the drunken rumors of local peasants and foreign merchants. Some tiles depict special locations. Special tiles have buildings or terrain that give bonuses to characters or monsters on them. Many corner tiles have special encounters, or requirements that character's must meet before drawing encounter cards.


characters     equipment     locations     encounters