16 hours in a car

Technically I suppose it was 14 hours in the car and another 2 hours eating and making pit stops, but you get the idea.

Gen Con was great! The First Exposure Playtest Hall was run excellently by the indomitable folks from Double Exposure. My playtesters were all exceptionally helpful and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank them publicly. They made the game better. So much better.

I'm still working on assimilating all of my notes, but for the most part all of the changes I need to make are small changes. Making things less complex.

But one change was more major and made a world of difference.There used to be a dice replacement mechanic in the game. When a character went into combat the player put together a pool of white, black, and red three sided dice (1,2,and 3 repeated on two sides of a six sided die). You could replaced low scoring black and red dice with higher scoring white dice. It sounds simple when you see it in print, but when you are actually trying to sum a bunch of dice the replacement slows the whole game down.

I had two groups in a row call this mechanic out as problematic. I decided that if I simply changed the numbers on the dice I could still have the three colors of dice, but with a numerical spread that made some dice more likely to roll 1's and other dice more likely to roll 3's. White dice were changed to have three faces with a 1, two faces with a 2, and only one face with a 3. The red dice, on the other hand, have 3 on three sides, 2 on two sides, and 1 one one side. No more replacement, simply roll all of the dice in your pool and add them all together. It made all of the difference in the world to how smoothly the game was played.

More as I make edits to pick up other changes.

Thanks again playtesters!