gen con 2014 playtest

I finally figured out the printing problems I was having and finished a new play test set. Which is a good thing, because I'm heading off to Gen Con for another round of play testing. 

As I did last year I headed off to Modern Myths in New York to do a shakedown test before the main event.  All in all it went off pretty well. We landed the plain, as it were, and I now know that three people can complete a game of Chronicle in just over two hours. Hopefully experienced players can bring that number down a little bit.

I think the villain/ complication deck bifurcation worked out well too, though there is still some balancing that needs to be done, in this particular game there were a lot of instances of drawing high level monsters early in the game. That might have been okay, except the item/ story chip economy was not firing. Items cost too much, and we didn't get many story chips. This has been a problem before, but I thought I had fixed it. Looks like I still have some work to do.

If you happen to be at Gen Con look me up in the First Exposure Playtest Hall.