new character cards

Turns out it takes a long time to write and illustrate a decent set of rules. 

I've been working on the rules for a couple of months now, because they are difficult, and because I have a day job. And also because I keep revising everything as I go along. Case in point the newest revisions to the character cards:


This version is similar to the Gen Con character cards except that there is a base attack dice table. One of the few major revisions since Gen Con is that I have done away with the Character Points system. The character points and story chips did exactly the same thing, allowing the player to buy extra dice for attacks. The nature of extra dice also changed making the character point system kind of redundant. The character points replenished every turn and there was always an optimal way to purchase dice. It became a system that added nothing and slowed down play. So it got cut.

Now there is a set number of bonus dice at each chapter that indicates the character's advancement. The characters' bonus dice from equipment and character abilities (now called class hooks) differentiate the classes. Story chips are now the only way to buy bonus dice out right, as a part of the narration. I hope it works as well as it sounds.