the (hopefully) last corner tile post

As a basis for discussion here is the what the corner tiles looked like at the end of version 4:


And this is what the same tile looked like after the first round of version 5 changes:


Over all the changes are very minor. The roll needed to move along the inner ring has been changed from a numerical value (2+) to a symbolic one (the die showing 2 pips). The text under the tile name has been simplified and enlarged. The tile encounter text has been simplified and enlarged.

The problem is the tile encounter text. It is too simplified. Losing the drop caps takes the storybook flavor away from the text design, and the encounter itself is so minimal that it is only mechanical.

The current (5.1) revision of the card looks like this:


The image has been compressed to match the aspect of the regular tiles, with the tile name and text being compressed to fit. I'm not happy that I had to change the tile name to fit the format. With the extra real estate I was able to return the tile encounter text to its former glory.