slow going

I've finally been able to start making some revisions.

One of the great things about the first exposure playtest hall was the ringer that the Double Exposure folks brought in. The ringer looks at a game from the perspective of how easy it is to understand visually, especially by someone who's vision is severely compromised. I'm happy to say that most of the feedback I got was positive. The font and size of text was okay through out and the contrast of components was good. 

Aside from the color of the coins on the gold track (a relatively easy fix) the text on the tiles that make up the board was really the only problem I had. The tile text is problematic because the tiles can't really be held up close to the eyes, and the text that described special tile effects and encounters was a little on the small side.  

For the rectangular tiles solving the text problem was relatively easy (assuming I have, in fact, solved it.) I simplified the special tile effects into a single line so that I could use a larger font, with more white space around it. 

The corner tiles are proving to be a little more difficult. The tile encounters currently have three lines of small text with a drop cap describing more complex interactions. In order to increase the text size I will need to simplify the encounters significantly, and remove the drop caps.

I really liked the drop caps.