Looking back on the playtest the thing that worked against me the hardest was the number of moving parts. I got out the shears and started cutting. 

First on the chopping block was the experience track. Levels went right along it. In its place there is a chapter track. Each turn is one chapter in your character's chronicle. Character advancement becomes a function of chapter. Chapter functions like experience and levels but with fewer moving parts. 

Since Chronicle is now a board game in 10 chapters it narrows the total number of cards each player will interact with during the game. By pulling some of the cards out of the encounter deck and tying them to specific chapters I get to make sure some types of cards are part of each chronicle. 

Now I need to revise the the companion cards (chapter 3), the villain cards (chapter 5), and the stronghold cards (chapter 7). 

Special thanks to Travis Holyfield for pointing out that tracking experience was counter productive in a board game.