fewer moving parts

I recently finished the latest round of revisions to the character cards. When I had my last playtest outing the players seemed overwhelmed by all the knobs and buttons. This was especially true of the character cards. I mean, look at these things...


If you've been role playing for 25 years (and I have) you can kind of see what's going on here, but otherwise its a bit intimidating. The idea behind a complex character card was to have a number of skills and abilities that made each character truly unique. But a large number of very incremental benefits doesn't work very well. The special abilities were overwhelming as well, to the extent that no one really used them.  

So I determined to get out of the players' way. I started by unifying the basic dice mechanic. Then unifying the character point mechanic. And finally by paring down the character card to a few really useful skills and abilities. 

Here is the new character card: 


The numeric bonus are gone. All bonuses com in the form of dice now. The number of skills dropped to 3 out of a pool of 6, but your character is going to be pretty good at those 3 skills. Your skills and your special abilities can inform how you play the character without being overwhelming.