the site is taking shape

I think I've finally got the hang of the square space engine and I'm adding content to the site. Its a bit early yet, but it finally feels like this thing is becoming real.

I also got the fifth piece of fill in art from Steve Prescott today. The vast Majority of art for the game was produced by Lief Jones who has unfortunately left the field of illustration to try his hand at pop art surrealism. But for a few months several years ago Leif produced a staggering amount of beautiful art which I will hopefully get to share later this year.

But since Leif has gone on to (hopefully) greener pastures I needed to find another artist to help fill a few gaps, and (again, hopefully) provide some additional art in the future for an expansion or two. Steve graciously agreed to squeeze me into his busy schedule.

After all, it would be difficult to have a fantasy game full of monsters and not have a Orc in the deck.