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Chronicle is a game of storytelling. There are rules and dice, but the most important piece of the game is the players' imagination. Each player picks a character to chronicle. Characters take turns wandering from location to location on the game board. During their travels characters will encounter beings (both fair and foul), traps, henchmen, strongholds, and more. Other players will help set the stage, but each player guides their character to fortune or ruin.


Characters are the protagonists of Chronicle. Your choice of character determines the skills and abilities you will have at your disposal to resolve the troubles your character will get into wandering Chronicle's landscape.

Equipment cards can be won from monsters or purchased from merchants. Whether it is a suit of armor, a new sword, or a trusty steed, equipment can make the difference between victory and a long stay at the inn recuperating. 


Location tiles laid down in two rings make up the world of Chronicle. The tiles are interchangeable nd the world is remade for each game. The outer ring of tiles provides a spring board for the characters in earlier chapters, while the inner ring holds more complicated encounters. 

Encounter cards are the villains and complication that pave the characters' road to glory. Each turn the character encounters a villain that she must defeat. Complications flesh out the encounter, making the villain more difficult to defeat, but also promising additional rewards to the bold or the foolish. Will you help a surly elven lord cleanse his forest? Get lost on the great pilgrimage roads? Become embroiled in the search for a wizard's lost homunculus? Choose wisely, for ruin is always close.

characters     equipment     locations     encounters